We are committed to providing a safe and secure environment to all of our faculty, staff, students and visitors of the college.

We encourage you to immediately report all emergencies, criminal and/or suspicious activities to the Campus Police Department, Counseling Center, Academic Affairs, Student Affairs or the designated on-duty Evening Facilitator. Victims and witnesses are encouraged to report criminal and/or suspicious activities on a confidential, voluntary basis through Campus Police or the Counseling Center.

We publish an annual crime report that is available by October 1st of each calendar year. Hard copies of the report may be obtained from Campus Police, Academic Affairs or Student Affairs.

Campus Crime Alerts

Situations/incidents/persons that pose a threat to the general campus community are quickly brought to the attention of the campus community through the physical posting of crime alert bulletins in campus buildings and via electronic mail. The information is also printed in student and employee publications distributed to the college community.

Safety Tips

  • Lock your vehicle
  • Don't leave your vehicle running and unattended
  • When leaving your class at night, walk to your vehicle with a friend
  • Notify campus police when working in an office late at night
  • Engrave your valuables
  • Document the last four numbers of your social security number in a page of your textbooks
  • Carry a whistle or some other type of noisemaker when walking alone
  • Put a bell or some other noisemaker on the knob of office doors to serve as a means of attracting attention
  • Don't leave personal items unattended
  • Report all criminal and suspicious activity to Campus Police or the local law enforcement authority

Safety Information & Resources